Based in Tacoma, Washington, Tacoma Headshots is the premier South Puget Sound headshot photography business.

Your headshot is your calling card. Make it count.

We work with bankers, real estate agents, attorneys, doctors, legislators and other professionals in Olympia, Tacoma, Bremerton, Puyallup and throughout South Puget Sound. Let us help you stand out with your pro business headshot.

Why choose Tacoma Headshots?

We are not happy until you are absolutely thrilled with our service and photos. We go to great lengths to make that happen.

If you’re not totally happy, get in touch and we’ll fix the problem. If you’re still not smiling ear-to-ear, you’ll get your money back. It’s that simple.

Do you need a headshot?

Your headshot is your calling card. It’s an opportunity to get noticed. It’s time to take it more seriously.

If your headshot is bad, you look bad. If you want to be seen as a pro, for people to take you seriously, you must have a high-quality, killer headshot. Not an iPhone pic with the wind gently blowing your hair, not a JCPenney glamour shot with plastic palm trees in the background. Save those for your grandma’s mantel.

About Mihael Blikshteyn

Mihael BlikshteynI am the founder and principal photographer of Tacoma Headshots.

I have been a commercial photographer for over 10 years and founded Tacoma Headshots in 2017. After setting up a successful real estate photography business, I saw the need for outstanding and dedicated headshot photography for real estate professionals in Tacoma and the surrounding region.

I am passionate about editorial storytelling as well. My images are used to further the causes of the World Wildlife Fund, the PEW Charitable Trust, Wild Salmon Center, United Way, Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project, Housing First and other conservation, cultural and social justice organizations.

In my first career spanning 15 years, I was a conservation and research fishery biologist. I have keen interests in fisheries, maritime, conservation and social justice issues and visual storytelling.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, I grew up in Russia and New York City, and spent a decade working and living in Alaska. By way of northern California and Oregon, I settled in the South Puget Sound, Washington area.

My passion in life is visual storytelling. I craft a life that is a story worth telling.



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